Who we are

Dear guests,

Whether you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time or you have visited it before, you will always
find something new in this city full of history. Let us introduce you to this magnificent place in
another way!

We are Maria and Aurora. We met years ago in this same amazing and fabulous city, a city where
dreams come true. Here's something about us too:
I am Maria and I am an aspiring illustrator and I am also a mother. I have a Master Degree in plastic arts , fine arts and art history. After spending time abroad, I decided to stay and live in Holland. Apart from my love for art, I have always dreamed of having a small hotel where I can meet interesting people. What could be better than to be in such a fabulous and artistic city as Amsterdam! I have been away from this wonderful city and country for a short time. But it didn't take long before I came back to Amsterdam to rediscover it. Anyone who has been to Amsterdam one time, always comes back!

I am Aurora and I am a fashion branding manager and PR expert. Fashion is my passion. I have more than 15 years experience in the fashion retail industry and B2B events. I have developed several PR activities for fashion showrooms, international designers, brands, individual press shows and shows for fashion platforms. In addition to my professional love for fashion, I, as a mother, love home comfort and want to pass this love on to you and make you feel at home.


Тhe story behind our journey.

Our idea was to create this wonderful place, filled with the charm of Van Gogh's paintings. Each of our rooms is created with a lot of love and we hope you will feel it!
- 1room / ‘‘The stary night room"


- 2 room /“The Almond blossom Room”

‘It’s areas like this that really make you feel comfortable in Amsterdam.’

(Lonely planet)